May 2006

May 1st

A busy weekend for us all.

Saturday we went to a reunion of our antenatal class. Strange to meet all these ladies without their bumps, (I had met one of them a week ago, without a baby to give me some clue, and I was totally confused - knew the face, but where from?). Oliver slept though most of this; and of course he was the best looking baby there.

Yesterday we went for a very pleasant walk near to Kirkby Lonsdale, pleasant lanes and paths, lots of birds on the river. Walked 4 miles in all, with Oliver happily asleep in a sling.

Today we visited a local country park / working farm. Newborn piglets, lots of unusual hen breeds, llamas, goats, etc. Homemade cakes. Oliver slept through most of this again, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Oliver is just starting to get some control of his hands, seems to reliably bop our soft owl on the nose when held close enough.

Tuesday May 2nd

Joanne’s Nanna visits; 4 generations together. Oliver a bit grizzly, probably had too much cooing over, otherwise fairly sleepy.

Thursday May 4th

Jumped at the chance to show Oliver off to the latest antenatal class. Lots of mums & dads to be in awe at how easy we make it look. Oliver mostly asleep, so it is quite easy to make parenting look simple.

May 5th - 8th

A gentle trip in the boat to empty the toilet tank. Stopped in Foulridge for Sunday lunch before turning around. Distance travelled, about 6 miles each way.

Monday May 8th

Oliver starts smiling properly. Health visitor visits. Oliver weighs in at 12lb.

Tuesday May 9th

Shopping trip to York, and chance to show Oliver off to Joanne’s work colleagues. Oliver cries through most of this. No muslins to be found in York. Bought some nice nursery rhyme books though.

May 13th - 14th

A weekend catching up with chores. Oliver fairly fractuous and needing plenty of attention.At least we’ve tidied out a few cupbouards, one ready for more clothing, the other to use as a larder for drinks and breakfast cereal (and out of harms way when the little bundle of joy starts crawling & putting everything in his mouth).

Oliver is focusing much better on faces, has a bit more arm control (when he is interested), and is supporting his own head better. He enjoys being spoken and sung to, and can get quite excited with certain sounds. He makes plenty of his own noises, and can manage a suprising range of vocalisations; “ay-oh” seems fairly deliberate, if encouraged with “heh-low”, probably by way of imitation. Otherwise mostly monosylabics, but with the occassional babble of several sounds strung together in very quick succession. Most fun are the chuckles, especially when accompanied by the smile. Alas, he tires quickly with such interactive exciting games, and becomes irritable, and then finds he can’t get to sleep.

Babble indeed! Just because my dad can’t speak my language there is no need to be rude about it. I know what I want; well most of the time I do. It is his problem if he can’t be bothered to learn my lingo, he’ll just have to put up with my wailing until he understands. Typical anglophone, expect you to learn their tongue. Well, I’ll take a leaf out of his book, “If they don’t understand first time round, repeat it a little bit louder.”

May 31st

A few busy days for me, with some new clients providing plenty of instructions. End up only getting one day off over the bank holiday, which we spend on a visit to Wycoller village and country park; rural idyll in Brote country; and a fairly good cream tea. However we did manage a half day at Castle Howard mid week, tied into completing a job nearby. Quite a pricey day out, but nothing was lacking in quality; some of the best food I’ve had in a long while, including the best cream tea I’ve had outside of the Westcountry.

Oliver is continuing to grow at a great rate, nearly 13lb; he is into his 3-6 month clothes, and finds some of them quite tight (although bulky nappies don’t help). He is discovering his hands much more - he likes his baby gym, battering whatever is in reach. He can also grip things badly, and is delighted when he can control the movement of things.
His early evening crying has now crstalized into crying spells of up to half an hour at the end of the evening when he is tired but doesn’t relax to go to sleep. It is possible he is finding twilight frustrating too, as his eyes fail to focus so well in the low light levels; going outside often calms him again.
He is holding his head up pretty well now, and will follow moving objects and people, particularly mummy. He has a passing interest in other babies, but not really any stronger than his interest in anyone.
Finally, he is now smiling properly...


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