February 2007

February has seen winter come and go in a matter of hours. We are busy with wedding preparations, including a photo dress rehearsal. (The colours in the photo above are deliberate, not my camera playing up.)

Strange things happened the other day. First the ducks got lazy, and stopped swimming on the canal, and chose to walk instead. Then I saw that the horses had changed the colour of their grass to white. Next day, all back to normal, what do you make of that?

Plenty of days out walking recently; jolly tiring work though, being carried arround so high, so much to see. Went to a somewhere called Fountains Abbey, thankfully it was sunny as it hadn’t been finished, with no roof on yet.

What me?

I was never anywhere near the coal scuttle.

And certainly wasn’t eating coal.

How could you tell? I was really careful to put the coal back.

Well, rice cakes are a bit bland, a baby can only eat so many. And you do talk about a balanced diet, well black balances white perfectly.

It was nice and warm the other day, which was just as well, because mummy and daddy got home but wouldn’t go inside. Instead they sat outside with their drink. (Why do I only get white drinks when they get reds and browns and oranges and all sorts of fun colours?)
Anyway, I mad the best of the oportunity to put in some exploration. I waved at my frineds the ducks - they didn’t wave back, but quacked which is nearly as good. I also tried saying hello to the swan, but it came over and bit my finger - so after that I decided I needed to show it who was in charge, and went “haaghh” at it whenever it came near (but not too near).

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